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Decorative wooden vintage finials


Finials are used extensively as a decorative feature, architectural detail, for furniture, clocks, cabinets, mirrors, balustrades, fence posts, bed posts, curtains, flag poles, any restoration or repairing vintage of antique or even new objects in general. They are actually the final touch in decorating and in architecture, combining fashion and function. Whether it’s the industry or used for individual design finishing, refurbishing your woodworking project, is done with finials. More and more they are resurging in popularity, mostly as decorative accessories on lamps and curtain rods.


Vintage wooden chess pieces to play or decorate with


My next attic find is in good condition and has a wonderful vintage look to it. Wooden chess pieces, for “the game of kings”, elegant, beautiful and ornate, are nowadays often used to add luxury to the home décor, whether it is in the game room, study, or even in modern offices. People like to add an artistic touch with these chess shapes. In a natural finish, each of these unique wooden pieces, hand turned by a talented craftsman, can make a statement on their own.

No excuses, if you’ve broken or lost some of your pieces anymore, get back playing the game of planning and foresight, the game that originated around the 6th century AD and is historically associated with the powerful and awesome, Genghis Khan, Napoleon and so many others.

Improve your social skills, memory, spatial skills, numerical abilities, verbal aptitude, creative thinking, problem- solving, and reasoning skills. Get ready to raise your IQ, prevent Alzheimer’s, exercise both sides of your brain, increase your creativity, improve concentration and reading skills.

And know that the brain building benefits will stick and support you, long after the chessboard has been put away.

But what if you don’t master the game? I thought why not dare to add some fun to the soon to build festive decor this year with these fabulous chess pieces and use them as decorations on the Christmas tree or as very special gift tags. I’ve even seen earrings, necklaces made out of the pieces!

Think carefully though: “Who’s who” at a party or in real life? Let’s have a look:


The pawn is the hard worker, often the first one into battle and he can be promoted to queen!


The rook, swift and free, representing the castle’s walls, will protect the king, queen, bishop, and knights. Two rooks operating together can be more potent than a single queen!


The knight is unique in the way it moves and thus can make a move that even the queen cannot make. Remember, only the highly educated and wealthy men could become a knight.


The bishop, being the third-most important piece (next to the king and queen) in the game, is swift and free, with diagonal, mirroring snake-like moves. Predictable and limited in its role but a decisive tool of play from middle-game onwards.


The king is the piece the whole game revolves around, the most precious one. But it is the least powerful piece in terms of ability to move about the board. Without the king, the game is lost. Know that the king can work to secure a win, though not on its own!


The queen is of course the most powerful piece on the board. She can move any way she wants! And we all know that behind every successful man (King) there is a woman (Queen). But the poor queen has to do most of the work while the king just stays idle most of the time…

Whatever purpose one could give these chess items, some of their names always provoke inspiration don’t they: living like a king; acting like a queen/beauty queen/drama queen; get on your horse/eat like a horse/ a dark horse/ a Trojan horse… I’m sure you’ll find a good use for them.

And last but not least, the first-move advantage in chess is always for the white/ light colour, that on its own is the best lesson of all to me: go for the light not the dark in life!

Were in the Woohoocuties’ shop but sold the next day!



Vintage chess and draught’s pieces


Going through the attic’s stuff, I came across some old wooden leftover chess and draught pieces. Board games are fun environmental objects, boxes of laughter as well as learning packed boxes. Board games were the source of entertainment for people across the world, in the beginning only played with stones or fruit pits for pieces. Pre-historic they are, we even had them before our written language. They were popular amongst pharaohs and ancient cultures. It made me wonder, how they’ve changed!


“WOOD”n’t you like to craft with these magnificent vintage beads?


Let me guide you through some more found attic treasures! Who says size doesn’t matter? Imagine my joy finding these insane, vintage, giant, chunky, wooden beads strand. Big is one thing, chunky another, but giant ones, jumbo-sized like these, are hard to find! What more fun is there than to use nature’s best craft material: wood. Crafting with wood has been around for hundreds of years and let’s be honest it is the perfect material for wintry crafts to decorate your home. Getting snap happy is what beads are all about!


Onlays the art of woodworking


I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me, but I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, unpacking tons of heirloom boxes of the attic. I stumbled upon these wonderful handcrafted, decorative wooden accessories and objects, all of them breathing the beauty of craftsmanship (quality starts within the hands of woodworkers and their tools), heaven for woodworking enthusiasts, millworkers and cabinetmakers. My husband’s father was a clockmaker who used them, so my husband started making clocks when he was a child. He would go to his dad woodworking shed and inevitably ended up amidst the clock parts and most of these onlays date from that time.


From equinox to solstice: Autumn


Our surroundings are getting covered in golden rusts, explosions of autumnal glow. The autumn foliage of our potted acer trees on our terrace, are a constant reminder too, the time of “reaping” has arrived. Golden, crispy leaves, chilly days, the sun bursting through the mist… it is quite clear that gone are the long summer days, and coming are the dark nights of winter. Now is the seasonal signpost in Earth’s orbit around the sun, the Earth is bathed evenly in sunlight only twice a year, on the equinoxes. Ethnic people celebrate this golden season by eating moon cakes and gazing at the moon.