September 2015 archive

An amazing piece of WW2 army gear an officer’s compass Armée Belge

IMG_3948 I inherited this brass army compass from my dad, in its original container marking: “ARMEE BELGE”, reserved for officers or any NCO-platoon commander. The compass itself bears the following letters and numbers engraved at the back: AB n°1/12104. It uses degrees. You can move the direction pointer to where you want to go, to get orientated. You’ll find it for sale in the Woo Hoo Cuties’ shop. Of course my mind wandered off to the history of compasses, its use, its origin.


Retro Formica industrial 1950’s kitchen chairs Quillan France


This week I got a phone call from a good friend: “I’ve got retro, wooden/metal, industrial, 1950’s, kitchen chairs, originally made here in Quillan, for your shop”. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them, what a flash back in time. The retro glamour that lined 1950s compact kitchens and roadside cafés, hospital wards, train cabins, fountains and even luxury cruise liners, stood now right in front of me. These famous chairs, with their wipe-clean wonder surface, would sell like madness in Paris, so I am really happy, these real retro relics of chrome plated, solid wrought iron framework, , and quality, found their way to me.