July 2015 archive

A set of screw back earrings a real vintage jewel


Do you dress up your outfit with a set of earrings, the modern “jewellery staple”? Are they your glam fashion statement, or have your pierced holes gradually resealed, because you stopped wearing them? Maybe you are on of the very few, having no pierced holes in your ears? We all know an old aunt with elongated ear lobes, because of the weight of a lifetime wearing earrings, or the saucy girl wearing hoops as a bold statement. The choice is abundant: droplet earrings, hoop earrings, stud earrings, chandelier earrings, button earrings, dangle earrings and even safety pins! The most classic models are the slave and Creole styles as gold hoops. (more…)

Ori-Gin-al summer aperitif Gin based


A long way from being sold only at the chemist’s, being the poor people’s favourite drink: gin, the spirit of the past, is the newest hype with die-hard fans. Yes, my friends, GIN is IN, it’s the bartender’s favourite! And no, I’m not offering another gin tonic recipe, but a smooth, refreshing gin cocktail for a warm summer day, let me surprise you. (more…)

Our Ktembe aperitif “the” red wine of summer


To drink or not to drink an odd combination, is the question I guess. But our guilty pleasure is drinking a “Ktembe”, a South African aperitif known to my husband, on sunny summer days on our terrace. You see, in his young days my husband was in South Africa, he started off his trip in Fort Williams and travelled down Garden Root, to end down in Cape Town. At a wedding of his nephew Robert, he was offered an unusual aperitif and afterwards he discovered it was offered everywhere over there. A nice refreshing drink it is indeed and super simple to make! Watch out: it tends to go down pretty easy! (more…)

Philadelphia cheese cake with speculoos


When having visitors in summer, we tend to swap good recipes and try them out. I’m not very keen on sweet dessert or dessert in general, but I do have one recipe that’s worth sharing with all of you. I used to make it with my friend Miek for our children. The recipe leaflet was once included in a  Philadelphia cheese packet as a promotion stunt. We tried it out and it became our absolute favourite! (more…)

Woohoolicious Plum Jam and Plum Clafoutis


Last year, with no knowledge at all of how to, we pruned our plum tree, with as result: a non-fruit bearing tree that year. But our sturdy wild plum tree, doesn’t see this as a set back, in the excruciating heat we have here at the moment, it decided to produce an extra load of plums this year. Seeing its green foliage filled with yellow dots, we knew jam making was ahead, even with temperatures of 35° in the shade (on the terrace). Luckily we have my daughter, her family and a friend, all of them willing to volunteer harvesting our plums. (more…)

A Palaeolithic fossil sperm whale vertebra


Many years ago, I was one of the volunteer guides at a Greenpeace whale exposition in Brussels. The main exposition entrance hall had a huge staircase, dominated by a life size sperm whale model: my favourite “Leviathan” of the Cetacea the Physeter Macrocephalus. Guess who fell in love with this species straight away, just imagine its splendor: 11 to 18m in length, with a max weight of 50 000kg, found in all the seas of the world, obtaining the biggest brain (weighing 9 to 10kg) of all living creatures. A mature Sperm Whale is 500x heavier than an average human and can live till 70 years old. (more…)