May 2015 archive

A true American gentle giant of the cat world: The Maine Coon


Ever considered owning a house lion? Well meet the dog of the cat world, an animal with wildcat looks, a body stretch up to 40 inches in length, a cat fiercely loyal to its human owners, kid-friendly, one of the top 10 of the most popular cat breeds in the US, one of the largest domestic cat breeds, people oriented, laid-back, the most trainable of cats, even accepting a leash, it’s the “tail with the cat on the end”: the Maine Coon. You must know the breed, think Harry Potter and the cat of the caretaker called Mrs Norris in the film.


Unique collector’s items: The Liebig chromo collection


Let’s go back into French history, to the mid 19th century in Paris, where the warehouse “Au Bon Marché” thought of a new way of promotion (quickly followed by other brands): they offered children pictures, showing nature, history, science or art, all of them on coloured lithographed cards (7 to 11cm). The cards were added to the packaging for “Liebig’s Extract of Meat” products. Given this way to customers, made people want to have the whole series, collections. The birth of the Liebig Collection of chromos was a fact: loads of pictures showing different scenes were Liebig’s promotion campaign for their beef extracts.


To spend a penny pull the vintage pull and let go!


Nowadays bathrooms and sanitary ware are perfectly designed, whether you go all modern, or go for the genuine vintage touch of adding character, including the Victorian style ceramic high level cistern chrome flush pull toilets. Houses built with several en suites, will sell quicker than others, en suites are “in”. We’re a long way apart from the old days and yet not that long, I still remember the scary outdoor toilet at my gran’s old farm…


Lovely vintage wooden lace sewing kit full of surprises


Isn’t this nice antique wooden sewing kit super, with its turned bobbins? It looks quite plain, but contains hidden secrets: needles can be stowed away inside the handle and the bobbins can be unscrewed and you’ll find the spikey pin. The pin was and still can be used as a hole punch to create an eyelet by forcing the weave or fabric apart (pattern pricker).


Travelling to the snow clad mountains of India


Yesterday I got a call from my Indian daughter in law, inviting me to join her and her family for a trip to her home country: India. The place to be: a village in the lap of the mighty Himalayan region, where her family resides: Kullu. Who can say no to this amazing place, famous for its abundant natural beauty and scenic charm. (more…)