March 2015 archive

The wonderful art of framing pictures


We all have a special keepsake, meant to be framed. Doing up our bathroom, I really wanted to use an old postcard, a gnome scrubbing his back with a big brush. Alas, a postcard isn’t particularly pretty, pinned on the wall, so I looked everywhere for a frame that would go with it. It isn’t after I met my husband, seeing the amazing thing he did with that postcard, that I have fallen in love with the expensive art of framing pictures. (more…)

Physical and mental well-being through healthy Indian food


I managed to fall over my vacuum steamer some weeks ago, bruised my left arm to the highest degree (I am of course left handed) and ever since then, I am in a continuous kind of “tendinitis pain”, preventing me from sewing. This isn’t good, as my post for our following “sewing from scratch”- exercise (we’re going to sew an easy cushion to practice), is of course ready to publish, but then again I have to add the pictures, which means, I should be sewing… hard to do when your arm hurts like hell. (more…)

Vintage Fantasia Arabian horse saddle


A phonecall from our friend Veronique of the horsestables, lured us over, as she told me she had another interesting item: an old used “Fantasia saddle”, worn by Arabian horses, during the feast of Fantasia, but still beautiful. With their unique beauty, this oldest breed in the world, aesthetically pleasing and loaded with top quality character, conquers your heart within seconds, not good when you’ve just lost your horse… (more…)

Our pet donkeys gentle, lovable, super smart ongulates


These hardy, smart, curious and contemplative and almost disease-free fascinating members of the equine family, with their sweet faces and gentle, intelligent natures, make the most wonderful loving pets, naturally loving children, being quiet and reliable. Don’t you love their large ears (help to keep them cool). (more…)

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