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Delicious caramel toffees

What greater way to end the year in a retro, warm, cosy party atmosphere, delicious food and some good old fashioned dancing songs, loved by adults and children. So, I’m turning back the hands of time, straight back to my childhood, with soft and sticky, sweet crunchy candies… I’d like to share some of my few favourite ticklebellies: the tasty, gooey caramel candies, think even toffee apples, sold on fancy fairs. You don’t need to have a sweet tooth to love them. Are you tempted? (more…)

Bells are ringing… on New Year’s Eve


There are loads of decommissioned cloister bells to be found in the antique shops here in the region. And I must admit, when a bell, no matter how tiny or big, is stuck away somewhere on a flea market, its attraction magically weaves itself around me and I have no choice but to go, look at it and hear its chime. A desperate husband knows his fate… a new one will have to be hung up around the house. (more…)

Frosty times, put on your gloves!


We want snow, if it ain’t for Christmas, it’s to have fun outside. Whether it is to make a snowman, snow angel or to go sledding, no matter what pastime you choose on snowy days, joy awaits you in the magical, frosty world of winterland. Who doesn’t love this ancient folk art of lovingly crafted sculptures, a bit of our traditional roots popping up. Family fun, young or old, that’s what it’s all about. Here in the south (skiing area), snow means school busses don’t drive, everybody snowed in and having a free holiday, so no excuses. Get outside!


Freebie recipes: warm winter beverages


What about some delicious concoctions in vintage glasses? It’s the time of the year where it can be really freezing over here, for me it can’t get any better. Enjoy staying warm inside by the roaring wood fire in your festive flannel pjs, cozy fleece blanket on top of you, the cutest warmest winter socks out of your cupboard, cuddling up your feet…


Free sewing course from scratch (3): Fabric!


You’ve finally decided to learn how to sew, where before you thought it was an impossible task on top of everything else you have to do throughout your days. You’ve begun prioritizing and you know you’ll find the time to do it, well done. If your best friend wants to join in, you can turn it into a quilting bee, an evening with a friend, chatting away while sewing.


Antique vintage fire irons and dogs


The visual focal point of the room, what better meeting-place than the fireplace, providing light, warmth, protection and even hot meals. This indispensable feature, became the heart of the house throughout history and would never be complete without its main artifacts: its andirons, the poker, tongs and shovel for use on the hearth. (more…)

Freebie: party dip! Delight for your taste buts: onions they are.


The French diet is known to be healthy, anybody thinking disease prevention will have to admit that the way they use certain vegetables, does the healthy trick! The onion, with its pungency, taste and smell, is part of this healthy way of eating and only artichokes, parsley, Brussels sprouts, shallots, broccoli and celery can beat it on the health score! (more…)

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