November 2014 archive

Sewing course to come, for beginners from scratch!


This post will offer you some info about my soon to start, free sewing course for true beginners, online in January 2015. For those of you not interested in sewing, don’t worry, there will be loads of other posts/subjects coming up too. But, I do want to help those people that really would like to start learning how to sew and have never tried to. Life is so busy, when working full time, so I want to make the course doable, not too much at once! We’ll walk the road together pace by pace!


Antique vintage wood ammo box


The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the Last Post plays its sound of sadness, vividly bringing back the memory of the suppressed agony of thousands with no escape from hell. Visions of hours of suffering, trenches filled with swollen bodies and black faces, comrades no more. (more…)

Candles’ fragrant vintage glow


Coziness is the word that pops up in my mind this time of year, when there is the growing need to bring light into the darkness of the days. There is virtually no excuse not to go shopping for some new beautiful and scented candles in wintertime and to bring a romantic atmosphere in the house. The French would use the beautiful word “ambiance” to say it all.