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Treading grapes


Living amidst vineyards, is one of our blessings, nothing but vineyards behind our house, filled with vines providing the famous “Blanquette” from this region. Sounds romantic, it isn’t when at 5 am you wake up as cars and tractors drive past, on the field road behind the house, to start an early day grape picking. That’s what happened yesterday morning, alerting all our dogs, something is going on… The “vendange” has begun! (more…)

Tempting, mystical, forbidden fruit…


Writing on my Apple laptop, one could think I obtain some knowledge, alas it is only the symbol on my computer showing the bitten apple, logo of the famous brand, referring to the tree of knowledge.
“Apples”, a subject, brimming with symbolic meanings, able to make thoughts jump from New York to Newton, Shakespeare, even further to Homer’s Odyssey, not to mention Snow White and Eve and only proclaiming subjects as lust, temptation and love. Admit, even nowadays, the luring call of the apples will drag you to the kitchen to create wonderful dishes. (more…)

Aladin’s hidden vintage treasure found.


Sometimes you only discover beautiful items after relatives are long gone and you wonder why on earth in a whole lifetime you’ve never ever noticed them. Some years ago, after moving mum into our house when dad died, I made such a discovery. Unpacking the boxes, suddenly I found the cutie you see in the picture (the one on the right with the reflector, the one on the left I found on a flea market), it fueled my heart. (more…)

A vintage myriad of treasures


Whether looking for a bargain trying to find that one special object from by-gone generations or just indulging in one of your favourite pastimes, strolling round the local square of a French village, surrounded by the chimes of their church bells, you’ll taste a slice of French life at a “vide-grenier”. (more…)

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