August 2014 archive

An enchanting day…


A rainy summer day here in the South of France and we’re off to an Australian kangaroo park with two of our grandchildren, my daughter and her husband. Don’t be mistaken, you know me by now, we’ll have to stop on the way back at the local “brocante” shop of course! (more…)

Sunbeam going walkabouts


Sunbeam, niece of Fleur has to leave us to join an ill toddler unable to move, being in a full body cast of plaster of Paris. She’ll be watching over her new little friend and hopefully bring her comfort as her lucky charm.

Bye Sunbeam, fare thee well x


Vintage beds and handmade quilts


There are so many things I’m passionate about that are all stacked in my wishing well and once in a while dreams come true. This week marks the arrival of my very own stylish piece of furniture, being a grand addition to our bedroom. Behold the centerpiece of our room, our four-poster!


Bee friendly to vintage wood


“Bee” quiet, sssst, listen do you hear them humming whilst being ever so active? Who makes this buzzing sound, indeed pollinator insects: the bees being happy. Gentle creatures they are, not at all attacking for no reason, as the wasps do, in this part of the country! We meet the gentle bees every day on our land and are treated with the sight of beehives in the field next door. (more…)

Fluttering cute Butterflies


One of my granddaughters, spending a whole month’s holiday here, just came joyfully hopping by, shouting she saw an orange butterfly. It clearly brought some bliss into her life, reflecting its colours amidst her surroundings. (more…)

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